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Printing Specialists.

At MTP we can provide you with many types of print. We offer LithographicA traditional method of printing that uses plates and ink to produce a high quality product, it is more suited to runs above 1000 copies. print and also Digital printThe image is sent directly to the printer using digital files. This eliminates the need for a printing plate. Which creates a more cost effective solution for runs below 1000..

We have a four colour Sakurai Oliver B2This is a four colour B2 press which can print sheets up to 720mm x 520mm (printable area approx 710mm x 505mm). press.We also have a single colour SRA3 Heidelberg GTOThis is a single colour press printing up to SRA3 (450mm x 320mm). which will print anything from envelopes to letterheads.

We are NCRNo Carbon Required, this is copy paper which allows you to write through several sheets. specialists producing invoice pads, order books, delivery notes. We can numberWe can number inline allowing us to put order or invoice numbers on to your pads., perforateWe can perforate inline allowing parts of the books to be torn out and other to be kept., padThe NCR is collated and glued along one side into a pad of 50 or 100. or stab stitchThis is used to create books where the NCR has been perforated the book is then stapled together., all produced to the highest standard with strawboard backsThis is thick card which is placed at the back of the pad or book to protect it. and drawn coverThis is a cover that is glued to the pad and can be used as a divider to stop the pen going through to many layers. or dividersInstead a drawn covers a simple card divider is provided..

We can provide a full digital print service, which is perfect and very cost effective for fast turnaround short run jobs.

We can print CMYKCyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (key), these are the colours used to create a full colour image. or PantoneThese are specialist pre-mixed colours which allow metallic’s and any other colour to be achieved. colours or combine the two to get the job you require.

We are happy to advise you on the best option for your product.

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