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In addition to print, we also provide a variety of finishing services both in-house and through a small network of trusted local companies.

In house we have a Heidelberg Cylinder for cutting folders or large dies, a Heidelberg Platten for smaller die cutsCutting out or creasing jobs, this can be done from standing formes or we can have a bespoke one made for you. and finishes. We can also provide both embossing and debossingA die is made which pushes the paper in or out depending on the effect you would like..

We can provide foilblockA shiny foil applied to the surface of the sheet in any shape you would like. Also comes in a range of finishes., in a huge variety of finishes such gold, silver and patterned.

We have an extensive bank of standing folder formesWe have a huge range of standing formes which will keep the job costs down, however we can have bespokes ones made to. to suit your designs, or we can have bespoke forms created to suit your job. If you want to incorporate these into your design we will send you the outline.

We can provide in house trim stitchingThis is used to cut and staple booklets and the same time this allows us to finish jobs up 64 pages approximately and at A4, A5 and beyond. for booklets from A5 through to A4 and we can finish any other sizes required. Click next to see more finishing ideas.


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